Traveling Art Therapist, LLC
Why Therapy ?Why Therapy?

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911 immediately.
Counseling assists:
  • A person who is able to function adequately but wants to make a personal or life change. You may have problems meeting your needs in different areas of your life such as self-care responsibilities, home, school, work, or social.
  • A person who has experienced a sudden change or transition such as divorce, move, birth, death, or illness. You may feel like you are not reaching your potential or want to resolve barriers to your personal growth.
  • A person who is experiencing or has experienced chronic problems such as stress, abuse, or marital conflict. You may find it difficult to move to a more positive place in your life.
Consultations assists:
  • A person with problem-solving life issues.
These problems may not involve a mental health disorder.
  • It is to help you identify the problem, develop solutions and desired outcomes, identify risks and benefits, and develop a plan of action.
Therapy can be beneficial and involve some discomfort. There are no guarantees but success in therapy can be achieved with participation and consistency. Some issues of focus are: personal growth; stress; military lifestyle, deployment, reintegration; sexual and physical abuse; trauma; self-esteem; grief/loss; anxiety; work/life balance; depression; divorce; and career goals/direction. I provide a relaxed office atmosphere to support everyone in feeling comfortable and at ease to address their concerns.
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