Traveling Art Therapist, LLC
Spring 2014
New year......where is the refresh button?

Hello! Happy New Year and welcome to my webpage. I am a  Board Certified Art Therapist who loves to travel-hence the name! So far, I have visited at least 20 countries. Love it!

I was lucky enough to find a career that I love where I can create variety in the type of work and locations I use my skills. I also love meeting new people, discovering new places, and learning from the many life experiences.  A big part of the chance to have variety in my  work is the change that comes with it.
This made me think of the new years resolutions that come around this time every year.  This year,  I’m hitting the Refresh Button.  Bring it on! This action gives honor to what was accomplished last year and new energy to where my goals can go in the new year.  What will you hit the Refresh Button on in the new year?

I decided to start by looking at which goals last year were accomplished. This year the plan is to work more on those unfinished goals to find completion.  This will bring me further personal and professional growth.
I have been asked for years to write a book, give workshops, and more consultations/coaching sessions.  Therefore, in the new year I will be hitting the refresh button to move more energy into those new adventures. What will you be putting more energy into this year? How far can your growth take you in the new year.

I look forward to sharing more this year on my website and hearing from you about how your year is going after you hit your Refresh Button. Enjoy!Future Stories Coming soon!

                           Rejuvenating while traveling in Peru
                              Complejo Arqueológico Moray 

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